Podiatrist, running coaches and shoe shop specialist have for the longest period of time encouraged runners to alternate their shoes to maintain healthy outcomes. But, is there actually any benefit to a shoe rotation? Or is this just a way to be upsold to buy more pairs of shoes?

The British Journal of Sports Medicine and the Scandinavian Journal of Medicine & Science in Sports both found if runners trained in greater than one pair of shoes, they will have a decreased risk of a running related injury.  By using more than one pair of shoes, it varies the load that the rest of the body receives. This encourages the musculoskeletal system to adapt and protects runners from injuries!


What is a shoe rotation?


A shoe rotation often involves from two and up to ten pairs of shoes being alternated for different runs and activities!

Our Mizuno ambassadors would rotate their shoes based off a number of factors which could include:

Distance of the run

  • Short distance, middle distance or long distance
Intensity of the run
  • Low intensity, high intensity
Type of training session
  • Recovery, threshold, tempo, interval, sprints
Terrain of the run
  • Road, trail
Type of activity
  • Netball, gym, running

      What shoe should I wear for each run?


      When wanting to maximise your training outcomes and prevent injuries, you should consider what shoes you are wearing for each run and what you want to achieve from each of those runs.

      For example, a shoe, such as the Wave Sky 5, offers greater cushioning, more of a floating experience and high shock absorption that would be ideal for long and easy runs.

      Alternatively, a shoe such as the Wave Rider 25 offers a responsive, lightweight and propulsive feeling that would be ideal for short and high intensity runs.  

      Therefore, picking shoes with suitable features that match your training sessions will support performance and wellbeing.


      Who can benefit from a shoe rotation?


      Anyone from park runners, marathon runners, trail runners and netballers can benefit from shoe rotations!

      Have a look down below on what a Mizuno shoe rotation could look like for you!

      Park Runner to a Marathon Runner



      Long / Recovery Run

      Wave Sky 5, Wave Sky Neo 2, or Wave Horizon 5

      Daily Run

      Wave Rider 25 or Wave Inspire 18

      Interval / Tempo Runs

      Wave Rider Neo 2 or Wave Rebellion

      Race Day Run

      Wave Rebellion


      Trail Runner



      Easy long run trail

      Wave Mujin 8

      Short and fast trail run

      Wave Daichi 7

      City / Trail Run

      Wave Rider GTX


      Netball Player



      Gym Shoe

      TC-01, TF-01

      Off court running shoe

      Wave Rider 25 or Wave Sky 5

      Court Shoe

      Wave Stealth Neo NB, Wave Luminous 2 NB, Wave Momentum 2 NB, Wave Stealth V NB or Wave Phantom 2 NB


      For your next training block, why not try rotating your shoes and let us know how you go!