Features a full midsole of Mizuno's next generation eco-friendly midsole foam, MIZUNO ENERZY nxt, for supreme softness, excellent energy return and a lightweight feel underfoot.


Smooth Speed Assist is Mizuno's signature performance geometry that encourages and supports efficient running form. Gently tuned for a range of paces from easy kms to tempo efforts.


A full length plant-based Glass-Fibre infused Wave Plate stabilises the maximal stack and high cushion midsole optimising performance.


A soft and adaptable knit upper with seamless reinforcements hugs the foot securely throughout the run, while the bootie construction provides a seamless connection between you and the shoe.


Plant-based MIZUNO ENERZY nxt midsole foam

Plant-based Glass-Fibre infused Wave Plate

Plant-based Sockliner base

Bloom™ (algae-based material) included in the outsole

Upper: 90% recycled content

Upper Synthetic Leather: 90% recycled content

Sockliner Lining: 90% recycled content

Shoelaces: 90% recycled content

Vegan Friendly

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Not a speed model, not a traditional trainer. This is a Neo generation trainer (sometimes called a "super trainer") Made for A SWIFT RUN experience = Not a slower pace jog, not a highest speed, the middle of both pace, Comfortable speed. 

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Our race shoe innovation, Smooth Speed Assist uses foot angle science to reduce calf strain and create a smooth run sensation. The foot angle on Mizuno Neo Vista is lower than on other Mizuno SPEED models to provide support for all types of runs. 

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Mizuno Enerzy NXT our next generation material is soft, responsive, next level of performance. It is 20 grams lighter, has 83% more cushion and 60% more E-Output compared to the Wave Neo Ultra. 

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Upper and sole materials are made of more than 60% eco friendly materials (weight). Reducing 10% of CO2 emissions from upper and sole materials. Reducing 1.0kg of C02 emissions from Wave Neo collection AW22 - AW23. 

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