Swim Technology

Engineered for high-speeds.

Sonic Light Ribtex UW

Material designed for ideal speed conditions under water. Each panel is built with increased water repellence and compression. This engineering assists with a tight body line and increased hip elevation throughout the race.

Sonic Line X

Mizuno's most updated cross shaped taping supports both up and down kick. Offers a hip lift sensation throughout the entire kick cycle.

Multi Racer vs. Sprinter

Designed with all athletes in mind. The GX-Sonic V offers two options to best suit the swimmer. Sprinter (ST) built with optimal compression and stability, Multi Racer (MR) built with flexion and mobility.

Mizuno Flat Swim Technology

Built with all new updated flat swim technology, this tech suit is engineered for high-speeds. The GX Sonic V is built for swimmers seeking top performances and who are ready to crush their competitors.


Flat Swim Concept: Full Kick Cycle Support

The Flat Swim Technology engineered in Mizuno GX Sonic tech suits is built for speed. The technology lifts the lower body and supports the entire kick cycle through its updated Sonic Line X design and Sonic Light Ribtex II material. A streamlined, flat posture is maintained throughout the entire race.