At Mizuno, our commitment to innovation, quality and technological design spans over 100 years. It is a rich and storied history of developing both the functional materials and the technologies that design and build them into world class products.  

Every detail that goes into the creation of our shoes, from design to craft, is built to carry you to your goals no matter what stage you’re at. And just as no two runners are identical, the same goes for our shoes. 

Each model is individually crafted to serve a purpose; road, track, trail. Our shoes are designed to allow you to take each step with the necessary cushioning and support that lets you run further.

We set the standard for running shoes, and with them, you can Reach Beyond.

Mizuno Wave

Mizuno Wave is our signature technology that provides the perfect balance of cushioning and stability to give you the ideal running platform. The wave shape of our WAVE PLATE and the wave geometry in our FOAMWAVE are both highly engineered to provide dynamic cushioning from heel to toe and enhanced stability from side to side.


Mizuno’s iconic WAVE PLATE uniformly disperses shock upon foot strike, providing both cushioning and stability using one piece of technology. This technology, unique to Mizuno, enables us to deliver a lightweight and durable product every time.

Foam Wave

The latest iteration of Mizuno's signature technology. Foam Wave delivers plush cushioning and a floating feeling by utilising a two-layered midsole with different densities in Wave formation.

Midsole Technologies

SmoothRide is Mizuno’s overarching engineering approach to minimise the rapid acceleration and deceleration of the foot during transition from heel to toe, creating the smoothest ride possible.

Mizuno Enerzy

MIZUNO ENERZY is our revolutionary new midsole technology, developed and engineered to deliver super soft cushioning and high energy return. It is a testament to our drive to improve the performance of athletes around the world whilst providing an overall more comfortable feeling.

MIZUNO ENERZY CORE located within the foamwave, this material brings extreme softness and responsiveness to deliver an all new floating experience to runners. Delivering the highest levels of energy return and cushioning in Mizuno's history. 

MIZUNO ENERZY LITE midsole provides superior cushioning and energy return at an increidbly lightweight. 


XPOP is a midsole compound that delivers soft cushioning, high rebound and increased durability to provide a floating feeling in your run. XPOP sits as a drop-in between the two-layered midsole of our Foam Wave running shoes.

Upper Technologies

Mizuno has developed an upper design blueprint, DynamotionFit, as an overarching upper philosophy. This philosophy guides our design and engineering to ensure our shoes work with your foot throughout the gait cycle.

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Engineered AIRmesh enhances our DynamotionFit philosophy by providing the breathability, flexibility and hold required throughout the run.

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A high-grade removable insock for comfort and cushioning.

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WAVEKNIT upper provides a natural and dynamic sock-like fit through its unique stretch and hold capabilities, whilst also maintaining a great degree of breathability.

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Waterproof, breathable fabric membrane upper technology.

Outsole Technologies

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Flex Grooves are strategically placed in each shoe to prevent the foot from rolling outward and encouraging a smooth and natural transition to toe-off.

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An extremley durable Mizuno carbon rubber that allows for longer wear in high impact areas and provides greater grip and traction at heel strike.

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An original rubber compound developed by Michelin that provides the perfect level of grip and traction out on the trails.

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An advanced performance outsole component that enhances traction where needed most and reduces weight.

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The pressure absorbing blown rubber outsole optimizes pressure distribution throughout the forefoot.