The 3D Optimiser will deliver your perfect setup for woods, irons, wedges and balls.


Mizuno’s Swing DNA system then matches the player’s unique DNA to a map of over 50 iron shafts – shortlisting the best 3 to test.


Using the same Mizuno Swing DNA, the software can also identify length, lie angle, full set make up and the best-suited Mizuno ball model.


Once the Swing DNA software has given its recommendations, we utilise the Trackman 4 launch monitor to test, compare, and verify what performs best for your game.

Premium Swing DNA Fitting service

Mizuno offers an unparalleled custom build service – based on the procedures refined at the renowned factory in Yoro, Japan.

A professionally custom fit set-up will provide a solid platform to play your best golf.

Fittings take place indoors at our Swing DNA Performance Centre at our head office (address below), which utilises our industry-leading Swing Optimiser 3D and Performance Fitting Software, together with Trackman 4, which displays your launch conditions, ball speed, launch angle and spin rates.

Alternatively, click here to see a list of our upcoming fitting days and see if there is one that suits you.

If you have any issues with your booking, please call our customer service line on 1300 796 457 for assistance.

Mizuno Oceania head office - 17 Anzed Court, Mulgrave, VIC 3170.

3D Shaft Optimiser: In depth with Chris Voshall, Matt McIsaac and TXG's Ian Fraser.

Mizuno’s own Chris Voshall and Matt McIsaac took the Shaft Optimiser for a spin with renowned TXG fitter Ian Fraser – to establish its most effective role within the custom fitting process.  The swing speeds weren’t too far apart, but the Optimiser found enough differences between the 3 players to suggest a different batch of iron shafts each time.  The Optimiser very quickly highlighted the exact shaft that Ian Fraser had taken periods of trial and error to put in his current set-up. The Mizuno Shaft Optimiser is available to test through Mizuno's Fitting Centre network.


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