Leather Perfectionists

We combine our Japanese cutting edge manufacturing procedures and artistic flare to produce a truly unique and premium leather boot. To ensure there are no imperfections in your boot, each and every one is subject to a rigorous double quality control check - nothing goes unseen.

Hand Crafted Perfection

Technically designed boots for football players at all levels seeking the ideal combination of speed, comfort and agility. Whether you play in attack, midfield or defence, whether you're kicking goals on the soccer pitch or footy oval or scoring tries on the rugby field. We have designed the perfect fit with multiple outsole options for any surface and stud configurations for firm and soft ground.


Feel At Your Feet

Every boot in our MIJ collection has been expertly produced by hand, by our skilled artisans, who scrutinise every detail at every stage of the manufacturing process to make sure Mizuno boots are perfect for the playing style of each athlete.

You'll appreciate that extra time and every second you're on the pitch.

Morelia Neo III B Japan

Ultimate barefoot-feel speed. 

The pinnacle of Mizuno's Japanese innovation. These boots have been developed with one thing in mind, speed. Mizuno have combined all the most innovative materials of the last decades together with the purest K-Leather in the world to handcraft their best boot yet. 

Mizuno Alpha Japan

Designed for Speed

Designed and crafted in Japan, the Mizuno α Japan is Mizuno's lightest ever football boot and built for maximum speed.

MIZUNO MIJ Football Boots
Handmade In Japan

The pinnacle of Japanese innovation, with each and every boot expertly made by hand you will be stepping out of the race and hitting the field in superior hand-crafted Japanese football boots. Stitched by masterful hands, the uniqueness and quality of Japanese innovation are ingrained into its nature and essence.


Deep inside, lies the DNA of an unrivalled football boot with the highest quality of K-Leather, ultra-lightweight outsole, and ultimate flexibility. Surrender to this barefoot feeling and experience nothing like you've felt before.