David's guide to balancing Triathlon training and being a dad

Before Becoming a Dad
After following triathlon for some time, I finally took the plunge and did my first Olympic Distance race in November 2013. As I do with most things, if I am going to do something, I'm all in or I don't bother at all. I went out in August of that year, picked myself up a second hand TT bike and the rest as they say is history. Triathlon by its nature is extremely challenging which is part of the appeal. Not only do you have to train for three sports at the same time but you need to add in strength training to keep your body in once piece, have an adequate nutrition plan and importantly, get plenty of rest too! Up until recently, I was lucky enough to have to time squeeze in my training plan around work and home life with a little bit of spare time left over to relax. Fortunately, my wife is also into fitness so she is incredibly supportive of my goals.
Welcoming a new addition to our lives
Earlier this year that all changed. We welcomed a new addition to our family and it was one of the greatest moments of my life. While life with our daughter is enriching is so many ways, it has had major implications for not only my training schedule but life in general. In the early days of this new chapter in my life it is was all about survival. Plan for the worst and hope for the best so to speak. Many sessions were missed due to sleep deprivation or appointments and the like. Over time though, as we settled into a bit of a routine, things became more manageable.
How Training Fits in
The one thing that became apparent was, if you are pressed for time, every session must count. There was no time to go through the motions and head out for a swim, ride or run just for the hell of it. Each session now needed to have a purpose and had to count. As far as my schedule goes, what used to be my minimum training hours per week has now become my max, and that is on a good week! I no longer train after work which means I'm squeezing in sessions before the little one wakes in the morning or during my lunch break at work. What I have found is that rather than compromising my performance, the new schedule is actually benefiting it. In a sense, my body is responding to the less is more approach. Due to the additional rest I am getting each evening. This is where I get to spend time with my little girl and assist with the bedtime routine, and is allowing me to get more out of my training. It also gives my life in general much more balance and allows me to be present in the moment, rather than constantly fighting fatigue.
The Shoes
Another recent addition, this time to my running shoes collection, has a lot in common with the recent change in my lifestyle. The 3rd edition of the Wave Shadow is the latest shoe to join my stable and it remains a perfect balance between comfort, cushion and response. Before I became affiliated with Mizuno, I was already a big fan of their Sayonara series, which was superseded by the Wave Shadow. This latest update doesn't disappoint. The new seamless upper, paired with the performance sole which included Mizuno's wave plate technology continues to strike the perfect balance. To follow Dave's journey, check him out on Instagram