Written by Shannon Taylor

"Not only have I lost 85kg’s but I have discovered a passion for running that I never knew existed"

To Appreciate where you are, you need to understand where you came from! Let me take you back to 1 year ago – I was 175kgs, depressed and struggling with social anxiety and no idea what to do about it! I had always been the bigger kid and had lost weight more times than I can remember only to always put it back on - plus a little extra for good measure.


I finally made the decision to have weight loss surgery knowing that this was not a quick fix, but a tool that could help me regain control over food long enough for me to drop the weight but create a lifestyle to maintain it well into the future. Fast forward 1 year to present day and not only have I lost 85kg’s but I have discovered a passion for running that I never knew existed inside me and a burning desire to want to test my body and achieve things that I would have once thought impossible!


6 months ago I made my way to my local parkrun. Having never ran more than 2kms and only just getting my head around the social anxiety that had a crippling effect over me in the past - I found myself in a very scary situation. Not only did I finish the parkrun, I ran the whole 5kms (in 28 mins). As I crossed the finish line I felt an overwhelming feeling of accomplishment, which I now realise is a feeling that for me is very addictive and I strive for that feeling whenever I can! I have not missed a parkrun since that day and even did the double on new year’s day! I have improved my time by 6 minutes, with my latest PB being 22.06 for the 5kms and have a goal to be sub 20 by the end of this year!
Having time over the past year to really understand myself and why I always struggled with my weight has lead me to realise it was because I was never really happy with the lifestyle I was living. I used to put all my time and energy into earning the next dollar, rather than appreciating and living in the moment. I’m blown away with how much I have changed over the past year - not just physically but also mentally. For me setting and achieving goals is the new challenge and bettering myself as a person is the strategy!


So, what’s next for this guy? Well, I plan on completing a half marathon this year combined with wanting to complete a triathlon. It is sure to be a year of personal growth and hopefully lots of feelings of accomplishment!


I have a thirst for personal growth and a desire to share my journey and hopefully inspire others to take the steps to be the best version of themselves. So watch this space - as if the last year is a sign of things to come “you ain’t seen nothing yet”.


Shannon Taylor
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