Kim Hyo-Dong

Living in a big city, Kim Hyo-Dong got swept up in the hustle of the city and chasing achievements. Which, left him feeling burnt out.⁠⁠
Inspired by a local run crew, he began to run bit by bit. Now no matter what the day throws at him, there is the escape of the run waiting for him at the end.⁠⁠
The world is at his feet.⁠⁠

Susie Chan

Susie Chan is an Endurance Runner who has completed some of the most challenging Ultra Marathons in the world.

However, after a serious health scare in 2016, running because less about fast miles and medals, and more about physical health, mental well-being, socialising with the running community, and sharing her experiences.

Pouring everything into her running, on thing became clear, as long as she could keep running she would be ok.

The world was at her feet.

Saki Nishikawa

Japanese runner Saki Nishikawa understands perseverance.⁠

Pushing herself to her limits to reach her goals. Because no matter her concerns going in, by the end of her run her worries have always disappeared.⁠⁠

⁠The world is at her feet.⁠⁠


Lai Yiting | The World at Your Feet

For many of us, running is at the core of who we are. For Lai Yiting, running defines him. ⁠⁠
However, throughout his life running has taken on many different meanings. From an outlet for stress to a means for pushing his limits.⁠⁠
The world is at his feet.⁠⁠⁠⁠

When you run, the world is yours to discover...
...The World is at Your Feet

When you run, the world is yours to discover. It's where you find new people, new places, new goals. These are the stories from our global running tribe, those who changed their life through the power of running.

They know achieving their goals is not the finish line. It is merely the start of a new adventure, with so much more to discover.

The world is at your feet.

Nathan Johnston

Nathan Johnston is a vision impaired runner. Discover how Nathan has used running as an outlet to overcome his challenges and how it has helped him build friendships through the power of running.

Like Nathan, through running you have The World at Your Feet.