For the moment

History isn’t made in one day. Giving it all up...

…For the moment

The FOR THE MOMENT campaign follows our top athletes on their very personal and challenging journey to Japan this summer. From Running to Volleyball and from Handball to Tennis, we will release a series of videos over the coming months uncovering the unseen side of some of our most exciting athletes' lives and the extraordinary work they have put in to push themselves past their limits and Reach Beyond.


We visit Bogota, Colombia in the next instalment of our "For the Moment" campaign to see how childhood friends Juan Sebastian Cabal and Robert Farah have captivated a nation by their meteoric rise to the top of the tennis world. Having won back to back Grand Slams at Wimbledon and the US Open, the Colombian duo finished the year as the World No.1 ranked men's doubles players. It's certainly not been an easy ride for them particularly in a football crazy country not renowned for tennis - but they've done it their way, through hard work, friendship, trust and understanding. Cabal and Farah are the complete package and the new masters of their craft, inspiring a new generation of Colombian tennis players and fans following their every move.


From out of the cold to conquering the beach. The campaign’s journey starts with the remarkable story of best friends Anders Bertsen Mol and Christian Sandlie Sørum who compete in the Men's Beach Volleyball Doubles. They have a great chance of winning but unlike their competitors they’ve had to learn the hard way, training in subzero conditions and battling the bitter cold of the Norwegian Winter.