The Runbird Rewards Loyalty Program is a rewards program that is offered at the sole discretion of Mizuno Corporation Australia Pty Ltd of 17 Anzed Court, Mulgrave, Victoria, Australia, 3170. The Program is available for individuals for their personal use only and is limited to one account per individual. Corporations, associations or other groups may not participate in the Program. The Runbird Rewards Loyalty program is restricted to Australian based customers only and is only accessible on the Mizuno Australia website

By creating an online customer account you automatically gain access to and join the Runbird Rewards Loyalty Program. By joining the Program, you agree that you have read, understood and agree to be bound by these program terms and conditions of participation and by any changes or modifications we may make from time to time. Your continued use of the Program is an acceptance of any changes or modifications. You acknowledge and understand that the processing of your personal data will be in accordance with our Privacy Policy. You also agree to our website Terms and Conditions.


The Runbird Rewards Program is one way in which Mizuno Australia endeavours to reward and thank loyal customers for purchasing from the To sign up to Runbird Rewards and receive program benefits, you will first need to create an account at  By enrolling in the Program you agree to receive marketing materials related to the Program. Personal information which you provide to us for the purposes of creating an account will be held pursuant to Mizuno Australia Privacy Policy.


The Runbird Rewards benefits are determined by points accrued for completing the following activities;

  • Making Purchases on  - $1 spent = 5 pts
  • Creating an account – 200 pts
  • Referring a friend who spends more than $140 - 1,000 pts
  • Following Mizuno Australia’s social media pages (Facebook & Instagram) – 50 pts
  • Signing up to the Mizuno Australia Newsletter – 50 pts
  • Leaving a review – 200 pts
  • On your birthday – 500 pts

Mizuno Australia may include additional ways to earn points and make changes to ways you can earn points at their discretion.

For every $1 spent you will earn 5 points. For every 500 points earned you will receive a voucher valued at $5. The more points you earn the higher value voucher you will receive.  

Points will begin to accumulate for purchase activity completed from 05/03/2021 AEDT. Purchases made prior to this date will not be added to your starting point balance.

By creating an account, you will automatically be enrolled in The Runbird Rewards program. Points are automatically added to your account, summarised in your account pop up, based on activities as detailed by the Program. Points for purchase are only accrued through personal purchases and activities, and any corporate transactions such as group orders, corporate event orders or manual orders, are not eligible for points or reward redemption.  

Referral as part of the Program is only valid for the first time purchase by a known friend, family member or colleague, with a minimum spend of $150. Mizuno Australia has the right to review and/or reject account holders that abuse the referral program.

There are no membership fees associated with Runbird Rewards. Points accumulated as part of the Program can only be redeemed as vouchers and are personal to you and may not be sold, transferred or assigned to, or shared with friends, family or others.

All points accumulated 12 months prior will expire if there is no activity on your account. Expired points will not be able to be recouped under any circumstance.


Rewards are redeemable via vouchers which can only be used on

Mizuno Australia is not responsible for fraudulent redemption by a third party or by the account holder. Rewards cannot be exchanged or refunded.


Mizuno Australia reserves the right to terminate your account and/or participation in the Runbird Rewards programme if Mizuno Australia believes that you have violated these Terms and Conditions or that the use of your account is unauthorised, fraudulent or otherwise unlawful or in violation of these Terms and Conditions.

Mizuno Australia also reserves the right to “unregister” and make a member ineligible for The Runbird Rewards program any account that has been inactive for two consecutive years.

Mizuno Australia reserves the right to terminate, discontinue, cancel or amend The Runbird Rewards program at any time and in its sole discretion without notice, including but not limited to the number of points accrued by activity or points required to redeem vouchers.