Written by Rhiannon Hughes - Triathlete and Physiotherapist

Brace yourself. The Mizuno Wave Sky 3 has landed. Whilst the Wave Sky is only in its infancy (3rd edition), the advanced technology is certainly not. I opened the box and was immediately impressed – the aesthetics, weight and material were clearly thought through. As a neutral creation, it has been made for orthotic wearers (like me) also. This excited me. Traditionally, I have required a shoe boasting extra support and cushioning which can equate to a heavy, stuck in the mud, clunky kind of feeling. This however, allowed me to experience the cloud dancing sugar plum fairy feeling that my lighter, more nimble competitors are accustomed to (At 6ft tall that’s a big deal!). So, what has changed since the 2 I hear you ask. Well, the clever folk at Mizuno have introduced several new and improved features: Outsole A greater number of flex grooves in the forefoot to allow increased flexibility especially during the push off phase. I could feel the shoe roll through from foot strike to toe off with little resistance. This is turn allows your calf to act like a spring to propel you forwards. MidsoleFull length FOAMWAVE technology to ensure a smooth ride with adequate stability. And a first from Mizuno - XPOP cushioning, which as the name suggests has you popping off the concreate and quite literally onto cloud 9. This high energy return allows you to go for longer without absorbing the forces. As a heavier runner, this is a double thumbs up from me. UpperNew engineered mesh combined with the stretch mesh to allow a secure, but soft fit. There are no pinch points and it looks super funky. Look good, feel good, right? Superficial perhaps, but I can’t be the only one out there 😉. The constellation like design on the side reminds me of a galaxy doubling up as increased breathability (no one wants sweaty feet). Black is always smart and stealth like, not to mention perfect for winter running in the rain and puddles. At only 250g (Size 8 US Women’s) and 310g (Size 9 US Men’s) the Wave Sky 3 feels like you’re wearing just your socks. Impressive considering support and technology have not been compromised. Overall, a soft, comfortable and bouncy ride.  

Rhiannon Hughes - Triathlete and Physiotherapist Instagram @rhivhughes   For more info on the Wave Sky 3 click here.