When I was approached to review this shoe and the image was sent to me, I was immediately excited at such a stunning looking shoe. With removal out of the box, the in-hand experience did not disappoint. The part that catches the eye straight away with this update is the overall look and upper. The black features give a low profile, stealth look, just gives off an aurora of “fast”. First feel had my foot feeling like I had glove on with the dynamotion fit giving a strong hold, whilst maintaining adequate flexibility and breathability.

Then came the first run! The background “R and D” that has gone into the updated MIZUNO ENERZY is exactly where it needs to be. The improved cushioning and energy return can be immediately noticed, even within the first few strides. The Shadow 4 has the feel of a highly cushioned shoe, but being lightweight (only 260g) and maintaining and nice snappy feel through propulsion.

The midfoot positioned FoamWave is perfect for my running style, being a mid-foot runner. With each run I have been thinking of what it would be like to run in another shoe without the energy return of the MIZUNO ENERZY. Lucky for me I picked up a pair of Wave Rider 24 to compliment the Shadow 4 for my longer runs and continue to give my lower limbs variation for progression and injury prevention.

The Shadow 4 sits on a shelf of its own and has this suggestive urge around it every time I glace at it, saying “go on, let’s go for a run”!

Eamonn is a Queensland based Podiatrist and Triathlete, and has competed multiple times in the World Triathlon Championships. IG @eamonn.ring