I'm Shannon Lum and I have been running for just over 40 years. My early years consisted of road runs but in recent times I have mixed my runs on road, track and trail. For the last 7 years the wave rider has been my preferred shoe because of it's versatility and durability. I'll be honest - I always worry when a new shoe is launched; will I like it, why the change? The new WAVE RIDER 24 was a shoe I loved from the first run. My first run over 15km was smooth, the transition from heel to toe feels good.

I can't stand a shoe that slaps. I wanted to know immediately how the new 'heel wedge Mizuno ernezy foam responded'. Immediately you will notice the extra cushion, it's responsive and for a runner, this is really important given the impact we experience on our joints.

The new engineered AIRMESH UPPER with GUSSETED TONGUE is a snug fit and minimises that forward movement. I was then keen to run a track session and after 3 track sets I knew I could wear this shoe over shorter runs(track sessions) at intensity. Normally I'd go for the WAVE SHADOW or the EMPEROR.

The WAVE RIDER 24 was FLEXIBLE without feeling flimsy. Day after tightness was reduced, another good sign. The weight of M- 280g womens 240g makes this shoe an allrounder( or perfect for the everyday runner). Plain and simple - I love the NEW WAVE RIDER 24 and would highly recommend.

Shannon Lum is a long time runner, coach and Mizuno Ambassador from the Hills District in Sydney’s North West. Recently Shannon and his wife Joanne came up with the brilliant Run With The World Group. This monthly virtual run challenge with free entry is open to anyone in the world! Encouraging running, walking and the importance of getting out and being active! This group have quickly grown in numbers with close to 14k members! For anyone interested you can check them out at here.