By Tim Crosbie

Runner, Coach, Athletics Administrator, Commentator and Coach Education

Continuing a tradition that’s served more than a generation of runners well, the Mizuno Wave Rider 23 provides a combination of comfort and support that ensures a positive experience for all levels of runner.

The mesh upper gives a nice breathable feel to the shoe and with a more streamlined design that has removed a number of stitched on components from the previous model, the comfort level and feel of the foot inside the shoe has improved. With little change to the mid and outsole, the traditional ride and support you’d expect from the Wave Rider remains.

For those more prone to heel striking, this means a smooth transition from heel to toe through the gait cycle. And retaining the same Wave Plate means that runners used to the feel of the Waver Rider won’t be in for any surprises. Weighing in at 290g (Size 9 US Mens), the Wave Rider is a versatile shoe that can switch from the long run to a more up tempo session with ease.

The responsiveness of the shoe when tested at speed was excellent with the firm midsole providing a nice push off when moving through to the forefoot. So for those neutral runners looking for an all-round performance shoe, the Wave Rider maintains a high level of build quality combined with a robust midsole and Wave Plate that ensures the support you need for the miles ahead.  

Tim Crosbie Runner, Coach, Athletics Administrator, Commentator and Coach Education Instagram @crosbietim

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