Eighteen is the numerical value of the Hebrew word “chai” which means ‘life’, and an enjoyable life is what you will experience whilst taking the new Mizuno Wave Inspire 18 for a spin.

On first impressions, my eyes were drawn to the new patterned thinner upper. Mizuno have removed the firm material of the 17 and replaced it with a lightweight PU print (known for its inert robust and durable characteristics). This also accounts for the 15g reduction in shoe weight and greater ‘breathability’. As a warm footed runner, this was noted on my first outing. The crisscross design through the midfoot not only provided an aesthetically pleasing product, but are strategically placed to assist with stability whilst running. Win win.

Working down the shoe – the Midsole. The you beaut MIZUNO ENERZY features in the heel wedge to provide a soft landing and greater energy return. As a heavier runner this was appreciated, and even reduced general soreness post long run.

The double fan shaped wave plate has been carried through from the 17 to ensure the stability and support that the Inspire model commends itself on. I found this particularly apparent on the uneven trail surfaces, where my feet have a tendency to pronate.

Mizuno have assisted in reducing their carbon footprint by creating eco-friendly lining mesh and shoelaces, so you don’t have to feel guilty about purchasing multiple pairs ;) .

A versatile shoe providing both support and responsiveness. The verdict - my running sole mate and go to ;) 


Written by Triathlete and Mizuno Ambassador

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