First impressions of the Mizuno Wave Sky 7 had me pretty excited to go for a run in the shoe. The updated design of both the upper and midsole immediately caught my attention. I also quite enjoy how Mizuno has retained the multicoloured wave design through the midsole, as it gives the shoe a speedy appearance.

The Wave Sky 7 has progressed to a slightly softer, more cushioned ride with an extra 2 mm in midsole thickness. However, stability is not sacrificed in doing so as the midsole is also 2mm wider creating a stable ride. Mizuno’s Foam Wave technology throughout the midsole is a favourite of mine as it contains two foams with different densities in a wave geometry. This increases stability whilst maintaining a soft, smooth ride through heel to toe. Although this shoe sits in the neutral, max cushioned category, it’s not pillowy soft and therefore you still feel quite grounded. This combined with the width of the rear and forefoot as well as a nice grippy outsole makes this shoe a safe option for both experienced and non-experienced runners and a range of foot types and conditions.

The updated Smooth Stretch Woven (SSW) upper is lighter and has more breathability than the previous model. I enjoyed the subtle transverse stretch of the shoe, as it seemed to adapt to my foot during the run, significantly enhancing comfort. This would be beneficial for anyone with bony prominences on their feet such as bunions. I also appreciated the ample depth in the toe box, which prevented any numbness or blistering of my toes. Thanks to the well-designed heel counter with ample height, I could comfortably use my custom foot orthotics without experiencing any heel slippage. The shoe provided plenty of room throughout, ensuring a secure but not overly tight fit.

The Wave Sky 7 would work well for recreational runners that want a neutral but stable ride, elite runners serving as their shoe of choice for their easy and longer runs, orthotic wearers or a comfortable shoe for those who enjoy their daily walk. The shoe's 8mm heel drop places it at the higher end of the mid-drop range, making it an excellent starting point for those who are new to running. The shoe offers a balanced platform for new runners to develop their stride without unnecessary strain on crucial areas of the lower body. Both heel and midfoot strikers would do well with this shoe.

Podiatry Pros:

● Due to the cushioned yet sturdy nature of the Wave Sky 7, it is a good option for those experiencing discomfort from plantar fasciopathy (plantar fasciitis), fat pad syndromes/ atrophy, peroneal tendinopathy, shin splints and sesamoiditis.

● Available in a full-size range including multiple widths.
● Unrestrictive upper so our toes can do their thing.
● Lace lock ability.
● Neutral base and plenty of space for custom foot orthotics if required for further offloading.


Personally, there’s nothing I appreciate more than a neutral max cushioned daily trainer that's still got a level of responsiveness. The Mizuno Wave Sky 7 ticks that box for me as I had no troubles picking up the pace mid long run to around 4.30 min/km pace. Looking forward to getting the bulk of my mileage done in this shoe!


Steph Bain