January 1st 2022

Mizuno Corporation Australia (MCA) today officially welcomes the New Zealand region into their global territory, both countries will now operate under the new name: Mizuno Oceania Corporation (MOC). This announcement will see the long-standing New Zealand distributorship, join the newly formed Mizuno subsidiary office in Oceania.

Mizuno, founded in Osaka, Japan in 1906 by brothers Rihachi and Rizo Mizuno has a proud history and rich heritage in providing the highest quality sporting goods. Yasuhiko Saito Managing Director (MOC) says “We understand the value and the vital role sport plays in helping people lead prosperous and comfortable lives and this is expressed in our corporate philosophy “Contributing to society through the advancement of sporting goods and the promotion of sports”.

MCA has a strong 13-year history in the Australian market, Tetsu Soma (founding Managing Director) opened the doors of the Australian office in Melbourne in 2008. Since that time MCA has operated in the Australian market across the Golf and Sport categories with significant sales growth and increased brand awareness.

The Mizuno brand in New Zealand has a long and proud history operating within the Sports Network Limited (SNL) distributorship for the last 33 years. Shane Holub, Director of Sales and Marketing (MOC) thanked Sports Network Owner James O’Rourke for his service and commitment to Mizuno. “Mizuno has been synonymous with James and Sports Network for a long time in the New Zealand market and we sincerely thank him and his team for their dedication and commitment to growing the brand across all categories”.

Shane also commented “Mizuno Australia is excited to welcome New Zealand into the Oceania business, we see many similarities across the two markets and with our experience and learnings in Australia over the last decade we hope to further strengthen the Global Mizuno brand across Oceania”.

This incorporation will take place in two phases. From January 1st 2022 Mizuno Golf New Zealand will come into the Mizuno Oceania fold, followed by Mizuno Sport on August 1st 2022. These Sport categories include Running, Football, Netball, Diamond Sports, Tennis and Hockey.

The key contacts for Mizuno Golf are Anthony Gercovich, Head of Golf and our New Zealand Golf Manager is Chris Jacobsen.

The key contacts for Mizuno Sport are Steve Merkel, Head of Sport Sales with Sally James, Head of Sport Marketing and New Zealand Sport Manager, Matt Rountree.

With business commencing early 2022 for Mizuno Oceania Corporation, both Golf and Sport will be providing credit applications for retail partners commencing early December 2021.

For more information contact:

Mizuno Oceania
17 Anzed Court Mulgrave
Victoria, 3170
P: 1300 796 457