Made For You, Made For Netball.


DATE: 11/3/22

Today Mizuno Oceania launches its fourth netball campaign, this year releasing their new important message ‘MADE FOR YOU, MADE FOR NETBALL’.

Mizuno have always advocated for players and the importance for them to play in Netball specific shoes over generic running shoes. Running shoes not only put players at higher risk of injury, but also leads to the need to replace these generic running shoes more frequently, as their lack of durability required for the surface and rigours of netball games. ‘Made for Netball’ demonstrates how Mizuno make shoes specific for the game of Netball, that all netballers should be able to play in the right shoe for their sport and their position. Regardless of your level, your age or how frequently you play, playing in the right pair of Netball shoes is essential for players to get the most out of the game.

 This year sees Mizuno highlight two key new shoes to their range, the Wave Stealth Neo NB and the Wave Luminous 2 NB. Both shoes have the latest foam technology from Mizuno– MIZUNO ENERZY which is strategically placed in them to provide players with added comfort and rebound on court. MIZUNO ENERZY is 17% softer and delivers 15% more energy return than previous midsole materials.

The Wave Stealth Neo NB also incorporates Mizuno’s most advanced and innovative technology – MIZUNO ENERZY Core found in the forefoot of the shoe – the statistics show that this technology is a staggering 293% softer and provides 56% more energy return than previously used midsole foams.

Put simply these new technologies and advancement in Mizuno’s netball line-up will not only help players jump higher but also land softer – the message that Mizuno will communicate throughout their campaign.

Made for Netball’ is a continuation of Mizuno’s previous netball campaigns “Make the Swap” emphasising the importance for players from all ages and levels to play in Netball specific footwear. Sally James (Head of Marketing (Sport)) says “At Mizuno, technical and sport specific footwear has always been our priority when talking to players. We know from both an injury prevention and player potential perspective that being in the right footwear for the game of netball will always give players the advantage on court”.


Check out Mizuno’s entire ‘Made for Netball’ range here and #MakeTheSwap today.