November 1, 2018

Starting November 1st, Mizuno will update its brand slogan to "REACH BEYOND" The brand slogan "REACH BEYOND" expresses our intent to always strive to go one step further. It is our declaration that we as a brand not only help those who believe in the value of sports and pursing their goals, but we also support the process of reaching beyond those goals and aiming for greater heights both in sport and in life. Founded in 1906 with the corporate philosophy of contributing through the advancement of sporting goods and the promotion of sports," Mizuno has supported the sporting activities of people ever since. The value of sports is fundamental to Mizuno and we will continue to develop high quality sporting goods and services all of which add value to peoples daily lives, but we know it more than just sport, it is through the power of sports that we can contribute to the happiness of people all over the world and allow them to REACH BEYOND. In the future, we will spread the REACH BEYOND concept worldwide through our marketing and other communications. Comment from Mizuno Corporation Managing Executive Officer of Global Brand Development, Takeshi Shichijo: " With a company history of over 110 years, Mizuno has faced many challenges alongside athletes and has always worked to drive innovation in sport. In recent years, we have risen to the challenge of business beyond the sports scene. With a new brand slogan that embodies our DNA, we want to achieve a connection with people and help them lead richer lives. Mizuno promises to continue to be a brand that faces challenges hand-in-hand with our customers. "

The Concept of REACH BEYOND
Sports teach various values and fill a crucial role in enabling people to live fulfilled and comfortable lives. Those values apply regardless of gender, age, physical ability, sporting pursuit or level of skill, they are part of the process that enables each and every individual to achieve their goals and dreams. In order to meet the needs of those seriously engaged in the pursuit of their goals and dreams, Mizuno will strive to be a brand that always has a passion for sports and energises people whilst being on the journey of REACHING BEYOND with them.
REACH BEYOND Brand Content

We will release content online to communicate the concept of REACH BEYOND. For our brand movie, we plan to feature athletes active in the Mizuno Family and people who embody the concept of REACH BEYOND. For more info on REACH BEYOND click here

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