Mizuno Netball asks have you #MadeTheSwap in latest campaign launch



Netball remains one of Australia’s most popular sports. AusPlay report that in 2019 there were 642,206 participants in club netball in Australia. Of these participants it is estimated that approximately 70% are playing in generic running shoes rather than netball specific footwear.

In Mizuno’s #MakeTheSwap campaign of 2019, the emphasis was on the importance of specialist shoes when playing netball. The additional grip and support provided by Netball specific footwear improves performance on court and reduces the risk of ankle and knee injuries. 2019 saw thousands of netballers #MakeTheSwap to Mizuno netball shoes but more importantly out of their running shoes and into sport-specific footwear.

In 2020 Mizuno continues to focus on the importance of playing netball in sport specific footwear. The 2020 campaign will exemplify the durability netball shoes offer and demonstrate exactly why choosing a netball specific shoe over a running shoe is more beneficial. The campaign will showcase the need to replace generic running shoes on a regular basis in comparison to netball specific footwear. Mizuno netball shoes are designed and engineered to withstand the rigours on the court, both at training and on match day. Generic running shoes may be lightweight and comfortable at first, however their inability to withstand the dynamic movements of netball cause them to wear out quickly. This causes players to be more prone to injury, due to their lack of grip and support. Ultimately over time this costs more money to continually replace. As a brand that prides themselves on technical product, Mizuno have designed their range of netball shoes with durability in mind. Mizuno’s 2020 range of Netball shoes include:

  • X10 outsole is engineered to be 80% more durable than normal rubber running shoe outsoles.
  • DuraShield toe guard provides the shoe and the toes with added protection from toe drag.
  • All new reinforced AirMesh upper provides the added security and hold from the extreme lateral (side-to-side) movements made on the court.
  • Mizuno’s signature Wave Technology allowing the shoes to be light weight without compromising on comfort and support.


As one of the most participated sports in Australia, it is known that netballers spend a lot of time playing the sport they love. AusPlay, 2019 suggests that the average annual frequency of play is 64 times and the average duration is 82 minutes. It has been estimated that during a regular 60-minute game of Netball, players can make up to 900 changes of direction. Players spend less than 40% of their time on court moving forward, with the majority of the activity involving jumps, accelerations and decelerations involving lateral movements. Running shoes are not suitable for this kind of activity and do not withstand the playing surfaces of asphalt and indoor courts for this duration. This results in netballers and parents of netballers spending more money on playing shoes over the course of a season.

In a continued bid to ensure Netballers get the best out of their sport, Mizuno has launched their sequel campaign #MadeTheSwap in order to highlight the benefit of wearing netball specific shoes and to ask the question to players and parents alike “have you #MadeTheSwap yet?” Podiatrist for the NSW Swifts Emily Smith comments: “Running shoes may be light-weight and convenient, however they lack adequate outsole, midsole and upper structure to withstand the directional changes, extreme forces and the playing surfaces involved with netball.

Choosing a netball shoe over a running shoe means that players will have increased ankle and foot support, as well as appropriate grip and toe protection, which ultimately translates to lower injury risk and greater agility. New shoe technology means that netball shoes are now lighter-than-ever, whilst still providing the features essential for the rigours of netball”.

Mizuno Australia Marketing Manager Sally McGinnity says “We know netball is a sport that is played all year round in Australia now, and we hear all too often that netballers shoes just don’t last as long as they would like. Our research suggests that too many players are playing in running shoes and not getting the durability benefits of a netball shoe”. “We wanted to put this to the test, so we sent out netball and running shoes to the netball community and asked them to train and play in this footwear for 12 weeks. What came back was proof to what we had always known at Mizuno. Our netball specific technology gives increased durability over running shoes. Twins, Kahli and Caitlyn 15 years of age proved this point for us:


  • Kahli wore the Wave Stealth V NB and plays GD/GK
  • Caitlin wore the Wave Rider 23 and plays GS/GA
  • Totaltraining and game time over the 12 weeks= 2,700 minutes (45hrs)
  • Training and game time per week = 3hr 45min
  • 70 minutes of training /week
  • 31 games in total
  • Training and game time was split across indoor and outdoor courts


The image below highlights the difference and condition in the two girls’ shoes at the end of this trial and just how much longer the netball shoe has lasted”.

“Players and parents alike want more durability out of their playing shoes, that’s why we want to encourage netballers to get out of their running shoes and into a pair of netball shoes, in an effort to provide more value over the course of a season and to remain safer on the court. At Mizuno we are unashamedly technical and this netball specific technology will ensure better outcomes for all involved in this great game of Netball”.  

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