MIZUNO Training Shoes “TC-01”

Mizuno will release the TC-01, which improves foot sensitivity and pursues improved performance on July 10, 2019 on mizuno.com.au and selected stores that carry Mizuno footwear in Australia. The TC-01 is a training shoe that pursues improved balance capabilities, which are considered to be very important in terms of athletes’ performance. The TC-01 is equipped with the newly developed “MIZUNO COB (Center of Balance)” which can lead to increased foot sensitivity and improved performance. *1 *1: Based on the joint study with Biomechanigg Sport & Health Research, which conducts advanced research in the field of biomechanics, the trend to improve balance capabilities was confirmed. . Benno M. Nigg, Biomechanigg Sport & Health Research > “The balance is the basis of our movement and is very important. If we take balance out of us, we cannot function. In order to improve stability and balance capabilities, utilizing the neuro system is effective. Mizuno is working exactly on this”. ※Dr. Benno M. Nigg, Biomechanigg Sport & Health Research https://www.biomechanigg.com/about  

Characteristics of the training shoes “TC-01”

Mizuno conducted a study*3 among trainers across 15 different sports and revealed that trainers think that the most important element in training for improving athletes’ performance is balance. *3: Study conducted by Mizuno (Questionnaires of what element is the most important in training to improve performance, March–September 2018, N=15)  


The TC-01 was developed as a shoe that improves balance and pursues improved performance for athletes that work to improve their basic physical abilities in their gym training.

Improving Foot Sensitivity and Pursuing Improved Performance

MIZUNO COB, which is used in the soles of the TC-01, is a new sole with Activation bumps on the surface of the midsoles that are linked with the design of the outsole (the part that is in direct contact with the ground). By attaching Activation bumps, accurate information is transmitted to the soles of your feet. As a result of a joint study with Dr. Benno M. Nigg and Mr. Sandro R. Nigg CEO of Biomechanigg Sport & Health Research, we were able to confirm a significant increase in foot sensitivity and a trend for athletes training in footwear using MIZUNO COB technology to increase their balance capabilities and reaction time. Test results show that the transmission of accurate sensory information to the bottom of your feet appears to be linked to improving balance and the potential to enhance athletic performance.   

■Fit that aims for barefoot feeling

In order to feel MIZUNO COB effectively, soft knitted material that hugs your foot is used for the shoe upper. We pursued the fit that is closer to barefoot feeling by using the booty construction that enhances the unity of the foot and the shoe in the top.

■Shigeru Aoe, Product Manager for the training shoes “TC-01,” Mizuno Corporation

“While considering what we can do to improve athletes’ performance, I realized that heroes on the court and field are created in training rooms of the gyms. It is where such heroes work to improve their basic physical abilities. The training shoes ‘TC-01’ was born based on the desire to create weapons for many athletes to become heroes.”