As we developed and tested this new technology, we couldn’t contain our excitement. Ultimate bounce and energy return led us to create this special shoe that symbolises and celebrates this revolutionary discovery and allows you to experience its benefits to the max. 


MIZUNO ENERZY FOAM is a mid-sole material that delivers excellent softness and rebound while also being very durable. It is 17% softer and delivers 15% more energy return than previously used materials.

MIZUNO ENERZY CORE delivers the most pronounced benefits of this technology. It is the softest and most bouncy material we've ever created. In fact, it's 293% softer and provides 56% more energy return than previously used mid-sole materials.


MIZUNO ENERZY is our new technology created to deliver a higher than ever energy return and softness. It is a testament to our drive to improve the performance of athletes around the world whilst providing an overall more comfortable feeling. Over the next few seasons, we will be launching new products in our Running and Indoor collection equipped with MIZUNO ENERZY. So follow us on Instagram or Facebook to be the first to know about our revolutionary new technology.

Dedicated to improving the performances of athletes, Mizuno R&D focuses its efforts around core themes of activation (enhance human potential), individualisation (catered to an individual) and augmentation (expand human capabilities). Deep analysis of athletes’ capabilities explored the core components of rebound and its importance to enhance performance. Therefore, we have focused our research and development towards materials that enhance rebound, learning from extensive knowledge across multiple sports. Through more than two years of ideation and testing we proudly introduce our unique high energy, high rebound material – MIZUNO ENERZY.