Crazy Love

We’re crazy about sport—it’s no secret. We obsess over the
tiniest details, nerd out over the latest technology, and push our performance
to the limit.

#MizunoCrazyLove celebrates all the crazy things we do in
pursuit of our own athletic passions.



“Why do you keep doing it? Why do you continue to be obsessed and fixated on the sport?”

We asked questions to the athletes who continue to pursue their own “motion” and move people’s hearts.

ep o1: sergio ramos, football

Sergio Ramos is a legend of the game, but what makes him tick on
and off the pitch? - find out how one of the world's greatest defenders pushes
himself to the absolute limit.

ep o2: MORGAN MITCHELL, Running

Sport is a Crazy Love! Learn why running is a
crazy love for elite athlete Morgan Mitchell

ep o3: Keith Mitchell & Stacey Lewis, Golf

Keith Mitchell and Stacy Lewis convey their undeniable
dedication to the craft of golf. From spending 8 hours a day practicing to
hitting thousands of balls time after time, nothing can stop these experts from
perfecting their game.

crazy love, its what drives us