When you buy running shoes, have you ever felt confused about how to pick them? You can pick running shoes in different ways, not just one way. You should choose what works best for you. Here is a guide for how to choose shoes by considering both your preferred running feel and your running style.


The running comfort you prefer

How they feel when running is the best way to choose a running shoe.
- There are two types of running comfort: “floating” and “propulsive”


New studies are showing that picking shoes based on comfort is the ideal way to select a running shoe. This research shows that runners have different tastes in how cushioned or responsive their shoes are. If you wear shoes that match your liking, you will run better and avoid injury. In this sense, picking shoes based on your running comfort is one of the best ways to choose shoes.

We believe that there are two main types of running comfort. One is what we call the sense of “floating,” where you prefer a soft, cushioned feeling. Wave Sky, Wave Horizon, and some other Mizuno shoes offer them.

The other is what we call “propulsive,” that gives you the sense of rolling forward from heel to toe. Mizuno’s Wave Rider and Wave Inspire will give you that sense of experience.

Your running style

Once you understand the feel you want, next you should assess your running style (whether you "Pronate"). "Pronation" is the word for how your foot's arch moves when it touches the ground while you walk or run.

Everyone experiences some pronation when they walk or run. Neutral pronation means your feet roll in a little bit when you run or walk. That’s the ideal way to run, according to the experts. If your foot moves inward a lot or "overpronates", it can stress your leg and knee joints, causing pain and injury.

To see your pronation type, look at the bottom of your shoes for any signs of uneven wear and tear. If you have overpronate, the inner part of the soles will probably show signs of wear.

If you're concerned about your feet rolling inward, you can wear shoes that help support your feet on the run. Our Wave Horizon and Wave Inspire shoes are part of our stability collection and should do the job.

Always check if your shoes match your running style and pronation level.


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Running comfort and running style

There are many ways to choose the right shoes for you. Try considering both running comfort and running style when choosing your shoes. As you continue running, your comfort and running style will change.

Find the right shoes for you by looking online and thinking for yourself. You can also visit a running specialty store and they will find the right shoe for you.

*Effects and impressions vary from person to person.