First thoughts, and feels, when I laced up the Wave Sky 4, was of how plush and cosy the shoes felt. That feeling continues when I hit the streets for a long run with some surges. Your foot seems to sink into a pillow before quickly rebounding and floating up.

There have been some major updates to the most recently launched Wave Rider 24 and this Wave Sky 4. New MIZUNO ENERZY has entered the midsole! The new innovation from Mizuno provides an increase in both energy return and cushioning. This is the rebound properties of a midsole when a force (you) is applied. In testing, Mizuno found 15% more energy return and a 17% increase in softness compared to their previous materials. Also combined in the midsole is XPOP, also seen in Wave Sky 3, which is soft, springy and resilient. It’s a cool combination that held true to form over the 10km I covered.

The other update, of the Wave Sky 4, is the upper. The shoes seemed to give my feet a great big hug and looking at the shoes more closely you can see why. The toe and heel cup is firm, then as you move up to the collar there is a good amount of soft material giving you comfort throughout your stride. The new Jacquard mesh provides support to your foot whilst allowing the natural movement and is very breathable. The lacing system has been updated and contributes to that hug feeling when you tie up the flat laces (that didn’t come undone, which is a big bonus out running).

Mizuno Wave Sky is a neutral shoe in the range with a medium stack height and suitable for road/footpath running. I also tested the shoe over gravel with no slipping, but I certainly would recommend a trail specific shoe if incorporating off road to you run. It suits medium to long run type runs. It is slightly heavier than others in the range and the ‘ride’ not at the speed, of say, a Wave Shadow.

After completing the run, the lower limb muscles were thankful for a more cushioned ride this running shoe provides. Certainly one to consider if you plan on hitting the pavements, clocking up some kilometres and enjoy a floating run experience.

Melissa Vandewater has a Melbourne based coaching business called Soul runner, that specialises in running technique. She is a level 2 Athletics Australia Distance Coach, a former professional runner and triathlete. IG @soulrunner1