In the name of open disclosure I must declare; I’ve loved the Wave Sayonara from day 1 and have run through at least 2 pairs of 1’s and 4 pairs of 2’s, including completing my first marathon in them.  

I must also mention they are the only pair of shoes that I didn’t hate when I first put them on, I usually use my second run as a first impression as I tend to change my view SWIFTLY. My love aside, I was VERY apprehensive that my beloved Sayonara was being changed, with only minor tweaks between the 1 and 2, I ripped my first 2’s on and ran a long run… But with added weight, stack height and a more plush upper, what was my ideal shoe; TRacer category (training/racer) with a firm feel which allowed me to feel the road, was now turning into a more traditional shoe… I was worried…My fears were IMMEDIATELY allayed when I laced up my pair to run a race in them as a first run!

The forefoot feel is MUCH more free, the ability to feel the road still being there if not improving. The weight change is unnoticed as is the increased stack height. The upper changes are great too, a more breathable toebox and without welded overlays it now is cooler and more forgiving fit-wise, which will no doubt elate some runners, I never had an issue personally though.  

The major change that I cannot comment on currently, which will evolve over the next 700+km is the outsole particularly the lateral forefoot area. This is a major upgrade to the forefoot outsole with very positive reports for durability and with what little running I have done in them so far this seems to be correct. Overall: HUGE upgrade Feel: More freedom in the forefoot, otherwise, minimal change by David Lipman Read more about David here and follow his adventures on Instagram :: @dlipman5