Damien Rider – an Ultra Endurance Athlete Powered by Purpose February 14, 2018 – Posted in: Expert Advice

Damien Rider is an Ultra Endurance Athlete with a very powerful story to tell. He grew up as a victim of child abuse and instead of shrinking back and letting the trauma dictate his life he decided to inspire others through creating and achieving ‘the impossible’. He has infinite vigor and has pushed himself to the limits but keeps moving forward. Rider is a leading example of what one can achieve even through great tragedy and hardship.

Rider has broken a world record by paddle boarding 800km from the Gold Coast to Bondi solo and unsupported! The journey was a battle with the weather, dangerous rips and shark encounters and he had a feature documentary produced called ‘Heart of the Sea’ by National Geographic (visit here to watch it). Rider has skateboarded from Chicago to Santa Monica (3600km), paddled and ran around Phuket Island 3 times in a row (400km), run the Gold Coast Marathon carrying a 16kg mattress to show that there is no burden too big to carry and that you can push through all barriers. He also just ran Melbourne Marathon with 6kg of camera equipment with Medibank to answer questions and share the live experience of the challenges and emotions he goes through during a race.

Damien has established the Rider Foundation & PACA (Paddle Against Child Abuse) with the aim of supporting victims of Child Abuse and in the process of opening Oceans Retreat where victims can be supported to overcome their trauma. Rider is the founder of the first Child Abuse Awareness Weeks for Thailand and Australia.

On top of all of that Rider has won the 2015 Men’s Health Man of the Year Award, has been nominated for Australian of the Year this year and has also founded Rider Cosmeceuticals and Rider Active.

We are beyond honoured that Damien Rider has chosen the Wave Rider as his shoe of choice to train in and complete these amazing feats and cannot wait to see what his next big challenge will be!

Stay inspired and follow his adventures on Instagram @damienrider