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[MEET THE TEAM!] This week we are featuring one of Australia's most talented and inspirational triathletes Katey Gibb. We interviewed Katey to get to know her a little better and found out some interesting facts, check out what she had to say below.
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Q: Why is running important to you?
A: To keep fit and maintain a healthy body and mind.

Q: Favourite Mizunos?
A: the Wave Rider. I have been using these as a training shoe for years

Q: How many Kms a week do you run?
A: 100km when I was focusing on training for a marathon. But when I am in full triathlon training, about 60km a week

Q: What is ideal for your pre-race preparation?
A: I do triathlon so any easy, swim bike and run with a few speed pick ups. A total of 2 hours training the day before the race

Q: Favourite event to compete in?
A: Ironman 70.3 or a half marathon

Q: Favourite post workout meal?
A: Oats, coconut, banana, cinnamon with peanut butter

Q: Favourite place to run and why?
A: Perth hills - It is where I grew up and there is so much to explore. There are also so many great running options, from technical trails to quiet road running

Q: What are some of your hobbies and interests outside of Triathlon?
A: Studying towards being a personal trainer and coach, in addition to working as a Marketing Consultant

Q: Do you hold any national or local records?
A: Just a state-based record in Western Australia. Perth Half Marathon 1.17... I'm sure it has been broken though

Q: What is your greatest achievement?
A: Winning 2 x Ironman 70.3 Races in the one year whilst working full time