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MEET THE TEAM TUESDAY! We are excited to introduce one of Australia's best ultra distance runners Natasha Fraser. We spoke to Tash to find out a bit about her self, her running journey and a series of great racing accomplishments.
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Q: Why is running important to you?
A:  Running is my time out and therapy for when things get a little crazy!
I always feel more strong and capable of dealing with anything my day brings after a good run and have met so many wonderful friends.

Q: How many Kilometres a week would you run? 
A:  It varies according to where I am in my training block so it can be anywhere from 60-160 km a week.

Q: What is ideal for your pre-race preparation?
A:  Getting consistent training sessions in uninterrupted (without being sick or injured) is the most ideal lead up.

Q: Favourite post workout meal? 
A:  Cauliflower rice, Chicken and Avocado

Q: Favourite event to compete in? 
A:  Great Ocean Road 60K

Q: Favourite Mizunos? 
A:  Wave Rider
Q: If you could pick another sport to compete in what would it be? 
A:  Rowing

Q: Favourite place to run and why? 
A:  Creswick Forest-There are almost unlimited tracks and trails that you can run out there. I love getting out on some of the rough little goat tracks that are almost like a Runner's Playground with the obstacles they give you to staying on your feet. I do the majority of my long runs out there.

Q: What are some of your hobbies and interests outside of your chosen sport?
A:  Stand up Paddle boading, Yoga and researching health and nutrition

Q: You hold a number of records, can you name some of them?
A:  Ned Kelly Chase 100k- Female course record 
Flying Brick Trail Half 21.8k Female course record
GOR 60K Female course record-4:18:50
Mountain Of Fun Run 12.7k Female course record
50K Treadmill Female World Record- Pending

Q: What is your greatest achievement?
A:  To turn my life around after hitting an absolute rock bottom as a teenager (with my physical and mental health) to the point that I am now in the position to help and encourage others to do the same.
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MEET THE TEAM TUESDAY! Meet Ryan Fowler who only yesterday began his journey running from Melbourne to Sydney in honour of his son Rio who passed away from terminal illness at only 18 months. We spoke to Ryan just before he left off to find out about his Run for Rio, his family and passions outside of running. As heartbreaking as this story is its equally inspiring to see the what Ryan is willing to endure to honour his son and raise awareness for a wonderful cause. #teammizuno #riosgift #runforrio
Q: Tell us about this amazing run and the reason behind it?
A: I will be running from Melbourne to Sydney for Rio's Legacy. Titled Rio's Run, the run is over 26 days and I will cover a total distance of 1,087kms, averaging about 40kms a day. Starting on Monday 1st Oct and arriving in Sydney on Friday 26th Oct, the run is to raise awareness and much needed funds to help children with a terminal illness and their families.

Q: How Many Kms a week have you been running during your preparation?
A: 97km
Q: What Mizunos have you chosen to run in?
A: Wave Horizon 2
Q: What is most ideal for your preparation before and during the run?
A: As a Type 1 Diabetic, my ideal preparation is to make sure my sugar levels are ok

Q: Favourite place to run?
A: My 20km loop around Bondi Beach and Christison Park near Vaucluse

Q: Favourite Sport?
Q: What are some of your hobbies/passions?
A: Coaching, History
Q: Your Run will no doubt stand out but what is your greatest achievement?
A: For me my Family is my ultimate, my wife (Karen), daughter (Remi) and son (Rio) who I am running for. Also, I have been nominated for the 2018 Pride of Australia Award.

Q: What is your goal at the end of the run?
A: To raise as much awareness and funds as I can for children with a terminal illness and their families, because they are all so fearfully and wonderfully made... With only 3 Children's hospices in Australia for children with terminal illness and their families to access, the goal is to invest and build more so families across the country can have the support they so desperately need during the toughest time in their with a terminally ill child.