Maddy Proud

  • Sport: Netball
  • Position: Centre
  • Country: Australia
  • Hometown: Adelaide, South Australia
  • Team: NSW Swifts
  • Age: 25
  • Height: 174cm
  • Shoe: Wave Phantom 2 NB


The super competitive mid-court kick started her career at only 16 with the Adelaide Thunderbirds where she played 44 games in the Trans-Tasman Netball league. In 2017 the South Australian made the move to join the NSW Swifts.

Maddy has been very impressive since joining the Swifts, in 2017 she was awarded MVP. In 2018 she had another great season leading the club in goal assists and was 6th in the competition overall.

She was also selected as part of the Australian FAST5 squad at the 2018 FAST5 Netball World Series.

Maddy started 2019 on a high being named the NSW Swifts captain and continued establishing herself as one of the world’s best centres before unfortunately injury stuck mid-season. Maddy will be looking to bounce back bigger and better during the 2020 Netball season.  

Maddy is also a published author, she has released a book called Grace On The Court about a young netballer Grace Parker who is trying to figure out how to handle the 3Bs: boys, boy bands and ball sports.

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Grace on the Court - Maddy Proud

Social media: @maddyproud


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