What’s with all the shoes? May 18, 2018 – Posted in: Latest News, Blogs

A common question I get these days from friends, family and even work colleagues is “what’s with all the shoes”, as I always seem to be wearing a different pair of runners. So I took some time to delve into what I use and why I use them. Hopefully you find it useful when deciding on what shoe, or in some cases, shoes are right for you!


My Mizuno Family


I now use a number of shoes from the Mizuno range to get the job done and here is what I use and why I use them.


Wave Shadow


This shoe recently superseded the Sayonara’s and they are still my go to race shoe. My goal distance is Ironman 70.3. As such I need a shoe that is both light and responsive to get through the 20.1km as quick as possible. However they also need to have enough cushion and support to carry me through to the finish with 90km of hard bike riding in my legs.


The 8mm heel-toe offset in the Wave Shadow along with the latest Cloudwave insert helps get the job done on race day.


Wave Rider 21


Training for a goal race that included a half marathon means you get through plenty of kilometres every week. For that reason it is good to have an extremely comfortable long distance shoe in the stable for those long slow runs, especially when they are 2 hours or longer.  The Wave Rider is my go to for those easy recovery or long slow runs.

The greater heel-to offset at 12mm and greater cushioning in the heel to go with the cloud wave insets makes them feel like you are running on clouds. For a shoe with plenty of support and cushioning they are also still lightweight.


Wave Sonic 


These are for the speedy runners out there as they are extremely light and have a small 4mm offset. As I’m unlikely to ever be mistaken for a sprinter, these make perfect gym shoes. The minimal offset is great for squats and deadlifts!


Wave Emperor 3


These are the latest addition to my Mizuno family and I was instantly impressed. They are built for speed but don’t compromise comfort, making them perfect for speed sessions and short distance races. When it comes to my running strengths and weakness, top end speed certainly isn’t my greatest strength.


In my first run it was the incredible responsiveness which surprised me but there was no compromise in comfort or support thanks to the U4icX Top Midsole and Resin Wave. The 9mm toe-heel offset really suits my running style and it showed in the times I was able to put down. They are perfect for short distance races over 5 to 10km. With a little more testing, they may even become my race shoe for Olympic Distance events.


Hopefully that gives you an insights into the wide range of shoes available and what to look out for when selecting your next pair of running shoes!



By David Flanagan

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