Forefront in Technology


For 112 years, Mizuno has relentlessly pursued perfection to give you a head start in your journey to greatness. We are driven by a passion for sport and dedicated to bringing the highest level of equipment to everyone who shares our enthusiasm. We are devoted to creating excellent products through endless development, this is driven by our passion to help you craft your dreams into reality. We will keep pushing the boundaries with innovative cutting-edge technology because we want to help you push the boundaries of your sport. Like the athletes we proudly support, we are always looking to improve on our best.


An original midsole technology that provides the right amount of cushioning and stability your body needs and blends those elements, creating unique sporting experience.

The DynamationFit system uses highly advanced motion capture and biomechanics technology. Mizuno has developed a design blueprint to engineer shoes that work with your foot throughout the gait cycle.

The most durable carbon rubber that allows for longer wear in high impact areas and supplements traction at heel strike.

A performance outsole component that enhances traction where needed most.

Engineering approach to minimise the rapid acceleration and deceleration of the foot during transition, creating the smoothest ride possible.

A unique midsole compound that rises and cushions like ap+ midsole, but is lighter without any loss of comfort or performance.

A new advanced cushioning material that is lighter, absorbs shock and with its fast rebound properties, keeps the transition smooth and fast.

Full-length midsole ventilation system reduces heat and humidity build-up inside the shoe.

XtaRide is Mizuno’s new technical trail concept. The XtaRide, comprised of the concave wave construction & X-Groove mid foot creates trail shoes that adapt to their surroundings and work in perfect harmony with the body.

New midsole compound that delivers more cushioning with response to provide the most comfortable energized ride.

A lightweight midsole compound offering rebound and cushion durability, providing a high level of comfort.

Breathable and Cool, AIRmesh allows each running shoe from Mizuno to maintain a high standard of breathability and comfort of the upper.

The pressure absorbing blown rubber outsole optimizes pressure distribution throughout the forefoot.

Wrap on toe area to protect shoes from abrasion in a severe ground condition

Protective plate in the forefoot prevent the runners foot from feeling the effects of running on multi-angled terrain the trails have to offer.

The X-shaped groove in the midfoot allows the sole to adapt to the uneven terrain of the trails for better traction.

Based on biomechanical studies, flex grooves are strategically placed to prevent the foot from rolling outward and encouraging a smooth transition to toe-off.