SONIC BOOM :: SHOE REVIEW BY DAVID LIPMAN June 15, 2017 – Posted in: Expert Advice, Products

Not since those words spewed out of a gaming console in the 1990s and 2000s have I been this excited about something!  Mizuno’s new season has yielded quite a few new models and a bucket load of excitement!  Some of the new entries have filled a very popular niche that was previously somewhat overlooked by the brand.

The Sonic comes in to a category that is almost essential for shoe companies these days. As a result of the minimalist movement there has been a big push for lightweight, low profile shoes. Previously these were almost exclusively ‘racing flats’ but this is not the case any longer. People are now using these more often and as a result their benefits have been seen and brands are responding.

These are almost definitely a shoe that will be part of an arsenal rather than the only shoe someone owns. Coming in at a weight of 220 grams (Men’s) (Women’s 190g) with a stack height of 17 mm and pitched at 4mm (4mm heel to toe difference [heel is 21mm]) these are definitely low, light and fast!


These fit true to length which is refreshing in a lightweight shoe! They have a really well fitted rearfoot and midfoot with the upper hugging the foot nicely. The forefoot being seamless means it accommodates differing forefoot shapes really well but is unbelievably comfortable! BUT I don’t think these will accommodate a wide foot. I’d suggest they may accommodate a wide forefoot but through the midfoot and rearfoot they are on the narrower side.

Being a lightweight shoe, it would be unwise to expect lots of padding around the collar and upper of the shoe and this is definitely true to form. That said, the tongue is minimal but has a pad perfectly placed over to prevent pressure from your lacing/knot in your laces which is top shelf.


To me, the Sonic reminds me of my time in track spikes (distance models). There is a nice forefoot ramp that really encourages a forefoot/midfoot strike. It really pushes you through with a smooth ride that makes you feel fluid. They are firm underfoot due to a combination of an EVA that is a touch firmer and without the traditional wave plate associated with models like the Rider or even the Hitogami.

I love the responsive, fluid feeling of running in these and have a feeling I won’t be alone in this.

The wave plate they do have means that they are much more stable laterally through the rearfoot and more so the midfoot (this can be seen on the lateral shot below-it’s the black portion of the otherwise white midsole)

Who are these shoes for?

These are for runners who are doing volume in the Sayonara or Hitogami at the moment and who want to push or increase their strength.

These are definitely for running fast with the ramp in the forefoot really pushing you through the gait cycle and encouraging a forefoot strike!

I have a feeling that the feel of these and their firmness may well attract a few runners to the brand who may otherwise not be using Mizuno at the moment.

These are probably not for staunch heel strikers though: whilst possible to heel strike in them, the wave plate which runners have come to love in shoes like the Rider and Enigma is just not there to cushion it. The transition from rearfoot to forefoot is nice and smooth due to the shape of the midsole but there is nothing much cushioning heel strike.

What for?

These will be a racing shoe for distances up to 10km or so for some and almost definitely a shoe that people use for speed work. I can also see these getting used on a track a fair bit.

I can definitely see people using these in the gym and I am sure many will use them casually as they look unreal!

Happy running hedgehogs!

by David Lipman

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