TRI SQUAD // WA // Break Your Limits May 22, 2018 – Posted in: Expert Advice

Break Your Limits started back in 2005, where a group of friends who liked running and triathlon gathered to train together at a mates gym in Perth, Western Australia. The guy who owned the gym was Ray Lampard, Ray held a free running interval session on a Tuesday morning open to all and the name of his gym was Break Your Limits.


The ethos of the BYL was based about Ray’s passion for seeing people achieve what they first though was unachievable and to train and help each other strive along the way. Giving back, training hard, helping out, being humble were all traits that Ray impressed on the group and are the core culture of the club today.


Soon over time friends of friends came along and the group grew over time, racing and training together all over Australia and the world. From first timers to Pro’s and having a great time doing it.


Fast forward to where we are today and the club has evolved over the 13 years. Steve Gleeson who started training with the group as a young triathlete back in the early days, took his passion and drive through to coaching young junior triathletes and para triathletes and now the club is geared around helping this new generation achieve their goals with the same ethos as we started with in 2005.


The clubs junior program has produced juniors who have represented Australia at the World Championships along with numerous national titles, but most importantly with the same ethos and work ethic as BYL started with in 2005.


And Ray… he is still holding a free interval session, every Tuesday morning, all welcome…


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